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GrandDaddy Death

GrandDaddy Purple X Death Bubba = Grand Daddy Death

Greasy Bubba 3.5g

Greasy Bubba from Bulk Buddy is a combination of  Grease Monkey x Death Bubba

Great White Shark

Great White Shark is a powerful Indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis created by breeder The Green House. It is

Hydro Death Bubba

This strain is a variation called Hydro death bubba bred by Matteo Suleyman of Sea to Sky, here in Beautiful

Island Pink Kush

Island Pink Kush, also known simply as “Island Pink,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) created through

Island Super Pink

Island Super Pink is said to be a social setting strain. The 80% indica/20% sativa is popular for its gorgeous

King Louis XIII

King Louis XIII is a mostly Indica strain of cannabis that resulted from a crossbreed of OG Kush with LA

Licorice Kush

Licorice From Bulk Buddy is an indica-dominant hybrid. This strain is known for its sweet licorice flavour and long-lasting effects.

Mike Tyson OG

Like its namesake, boxing champion Mike Tyson, Tyson is a strain with the sheer power to knock you out where

Pink Bubba 3.5g

Pink Bubba is a Kush-descended strain that leans toward the indica end of the spectrum. This hybrid is a cross

Pink Gorilla

You’d no doubt be dumbfounded to see a purple gorilla in the wild. Similarly, this Purple Gorilla, an indica-dominant hybrid

Pink Muerte

Pink Death x Muerte = Pink Muerte Pink Kush Descended from the legendary OG Kush, Reeferman received a specific cut