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Afghani Dragon Hash

Bulk Buddy’s Afghani Dragon Hash (Hashish)is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan – it is a tradition. The best

Bentley Hash

Bentley Hash is a 100% pure indica strain that was named after the world-famous Bentley car.

Blonde Lebanese Hash

Blonde Lebanese Hash comes in two common varieties, yellow and red. Though some argue that yellow and red are two

Dady Hash 3.5g

Did you know it takes about 1,000 grams of flowers to make 10 grams of 3/4 Dady Moroccan Hash? The

Diamond Hash

Imported from Moroccan, Bulkbuddy’s Diamond Hash is one of our top imported hash. Compared to other kinds of Hash it

Diplomat Stamp Lebanese Hash

Diplomat stamp Lebanese Hash is a rich and vibrant hash. Dark in colour and sweet to smell, this hash will

Gold Seal Medical Hash

Bulk Buddy’s Gold Seal Medical Hash is our brand new mid-tier local hash made in BC. It is very similar

Habibi Morrocan Hash

Moroccan Hash, Habibi in Arabic translates to “my love” in English. This is a good base to understand the quality

Imperial Crown Afghani Hash 3.5g

An excellent example of a classic Afghani indica that’s creamy with a flavour profile that suggests chocolate and coffee. This

Ketama Gold Hash

Imported from a famous region of Ketema Morocco this is an old school favourite. The smell is fine and perfumed

Rolling Stones Gold Seal Afghani Hash 2g

Rolling Stones Gold Seal Afghani Hash – Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of

Star Hash 2g

Another medium soft Afghani import, smooth creamy smoke on the inhale with a soft throat tingle on the exhale. Again