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Afghani Dragon Hash

Bulk Buddy’s Afghani Dragon Hash (Hashish)is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan – it is a tradition. The best

Bentley Hash

Bentley Hash is a 100% pure indica strain that was named after the world-famous Bentley car.

Diplomat Stamp Lebanese Hash

Diplomat stamp Lebanese Hash is a rich and vibrant hash. Dark in colour and sweet to smell, this hash will

Gold Seal Medical Hash

Bulk Buddy’s Gold Seal Medical Hash is our brand new mid-tier local hash made in BC. It is very similar

Habibi Morrocan Hash

Moroccan Hash, Habibi in Arabic translates to “my love” in English. This is a good base to understand the quality

Imperial Crown Afghani Hash 3.5g

An excellent example of a classic Afghani indica that’s creamy with a flavour profile that suggests chocolate and coffee. This

Ketama Gold Hash

Imported from a famous region of Ketema Morocco this is an old school favourite. The smell is fine and perfumed