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Blue Dream Shatter

Blue Dream Shatter, a Sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing Blueberry with

Bruce Banner OG Shatter

Bruce Banner OG Shatter might is best known as the alter-ego of comic book hero The Incredible Hulk, but maybe

Bubba Kush Shatter

Bubba Kush shatter by Bulk Buddy, is a heavy Indica hybrid that enjoys very wide popularity. The strain’s original L.A.

Cookies and Cream Shatter

Bred by Exotic Genetix, Cookies and Cream shatter is a hybrid cross between Starfighter and an undisclosed GSC phenotype. This sweet-tasting variety provides long-lasting relief for

Death Star Shatter

Death Star Shatter now available at Bulk Buddy, is a potent cross of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel that combines sweet skunk and

EL Chapo Shatter 3.5g

El Chapo Shatter now available Canada-wide at Bulk Buddy is a potent Indica strain out of California that smells of

Four Star General Shatter

Breeders in Seattle have got it goin’ on, as they tend to crank out some of the most incredible strains

Girl Scout Cookies Shatter 3.5

The little girls out front of the supermarket might be adorable and everything, but if you want to step up

King Louis XIII Shatter

King Louis XIII Shatter now available at Bulk Buddy might be most famous for making wigs on men de rigeur

Laughing Buddha Shatter 3.5

Laughing Buddha Shatter is an award-winning sativa (2003 High Times Cannabis Cup) from Barney’s Farm that grows fast and tall. An earthy cross between Thai and Jamaican strains

Purple Punch Shatter

Purple Punch Shatter is the sweet and sedating union of two indica-dominant classics. By breeding Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, the astonishing trichome

Rockstar Shatter

Rockstar Shatter now available nearby you at Bulk Buddy is a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star, which is a potent