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Black Nuken

Black Nuken is an indica dominant hybrid that produces sweet-smelling buds sometimes with so much purple that they appear dark

Cherry Diesel

Like its brethren before it, Cherry Diesel from Bulk Buddy earned its wings through its more obvious components: its vibrant

Cookies & Cream

Cookies and Cream (or Cookies N Cream) is a smooth and sweet-tasting hybrid that offers a long-lasting and balanced high.

Double Diamond

Double Diamond is a White Widow x Jamaican Sensi. This Sativa / Indica produces massive amounts of THC diamond crystals

Guava Gelato

Guava Gelato From Bulk Buddy is an interesting evenly-balanced hybrid strain of cannabis. Although much of the Internet attributes this

Juicy Nuken

Juicy Nuken a premium hybrid weed strain made up of the Juicy Fruit and the Infamous Canadian Strains called Nuken

Lemon Violator

Lemon Violator is a flavourful hybrid that is a two-time winner of the Cannabis Cup. As the name of the

Love Potion #1

Love Potion #1 (not to be confused with Love Potion #9) is a Sativa-dominant strain that provides buzzy energy and


You can’t even talk about OG marijuana strains without mentioning Mango, a strain that’s been around since the 1960s. The


Bulk Buddy’s Online Dispensary Presents McGrupp, a hybrid strain with creative daytime euphoric effects. This strain is amazing for any

Mint Chocolate Chip Mini

Mint Chocolate Chip Small Buds from Bulk Buddy is a perfectly even hybrid of sativa and indica. Created by the

Pineapple Dream

Pineapple Dream is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the infamous Pineapple X Blue Dream