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Afghan Cookies

Afghan Kush X Girl Scout Cookies = Afghan Cookies

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is created through a cross of the insanely delicious Girl

Black Cherry OG

Black Cherry OG From Bulk Buddy, or as it is more commonly known as Black Cherry, is a well-balanced hybrid

Black D.O.G

Not to be confused with the legendary Black Dog Tavern in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Black D.O.G. is an indica-heavy hybrid

Black Domina

Bulk Buddy’s Black Domina is an Indica dominant strain with dark, almost midnight-like, colours. This strain is potent. Most users

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a classic indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a memorable taste alongside a balanced high. Its distinctive name has

Bubba Candy

Bubba Kush X Cotton Candy Kush = Bubba Candy

Bubba God

Bulk Buddy’s Bubba God is a godsend to indica lovers, offering thorough and long-lasting physical relaxation. The strain, created by

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush now available at Bulk Buddy is a heavy indica hybrid that enjoys very wide popularity. The strain’s original

Bubba Mask

Bubba Kush X Gas Mask = Bubba Mask

Bubba Monkey

Bubba Kush  X Grease Monkey = Bubba Monkey

Bubba Trainwreck

Bulk Buddy’s Bubba Trainwreck cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is very potent due to the high THC